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Industrial autonomous robots for outside delivery, our vision is to let repetitive activities to machines and use human potential more efficiently. learn more…

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Delivery robot for industrial use,

Delivery robot for industrial use,

The industrial delivery robot is suitable for larger exterior industrial areas and factories, able to manage the deliveries of components and assemblies, finished goods or laboratory samples.

The Delivery robot can carry up to one ton of load, could be extended with connected wagons. The platform offers high customization flexibility, based on the specific needs of the carried goods.

  About Us

There are many situations across the industries and urban areas, where BringAuto solutions delivers productivity, efficiency and innovation. Our solution is already implemented as the exterior logistics solution within a larger chemical plant, within Czechia and other potential solutions are being discussed. Thanks to its robustness and stability, BringAuto delivery robot is able to manage various types of exterior industrial environments and conditions, keeping high focus on the safety and use comfort. We will be happy to analyse your specific scenario and propose a BringAuto potential solution, in order to compare the benefits and capabilities.

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